Imagen . . . Seinfeld as Emoji

What if all your favorite characters and objects from Senfeld were Emoji today? k, here they are. Unfortunetely there isnt a way to load these in to the Emoji keybord of your Apple iPhone® 5S 64GB or Samsang Galaxy® S5 4G LTE smartphone device. We called Apple and tried to make this hapen but honestly the CEO, Tim Cook or whatever, he was like “how did you get my phone number, this is my confidentiel unlisted number. I am v busy, plese stop calling” and then when we called back he simply declined becase it went straght to voicemail after only one ring or whatever. You will be the envy of all your frend when you send them a Sienfeld emoji, BABY!!

Emoji — Seinfeld Edition
GET OUT! The official Emoji — Seinfeld Edition app, developed by Shahruz Shaukat feateuring 42 modarn Senfeld emojis designed by Kevin McCauley, including Jery, Gerge, Elane, Krame, the Little Jery, the back of Gerge Stenbranner's head, the Pez Dispenser, Tim Whatley as Waltar White, the Cashmere Sweatar, and whole case of Today Sponge.
Barry Obame
Uncle Hello
Jery (modarn)
Frank Costanze
Garge Mom
David Pady
Urban Sombraro
Marbal Rye
Newmie Truck
Samsang Galaxy S5
Junior Mint
Pufy Shirt
The Apple Store
Imagen (modarn)
Tim Whatley
Soop Nazi
Jacky Chiles
Morty Senfeld
Helen Senfield
Rochelle Roshelle
Gerge Rat-hat
Little Jary
The Froggar
Coffee Shop
iPod Shufle
Festivus pole
Danny's Grand Slame
Cashmere Sweter
Black + white cookie
"The Moopps"
"Sein'd" Jary photo (LOL)
Today Sponge (case)